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Ways to make money serve instead of enslave.
The intention to put money back in its place as a tool. And to explore what good can be done with it.

Regenerative Economy

Discover the freedom to consider the problem as part of the solution. What if the economy could regenerate nature, the living? 

Natural Talents

We all have a natural talent but very early on, we are defined by what we are not.
Rediscover your natural talent, your obvious potential.

Landscapes of abundance

Money, like water, does not circulate everywhere in equal quantities. Let's explore the singular geographies it draws. 

The author

Very conscious of ecological issues, Katell Bosser prefers to have fun solving them rather than making them a curse. It is in this spirit that she got closer to permaculture, for the wind of freedom that animates it, the field of creativity that it opens.
The book Blooming People aims to present simple, effective and soothing methodologies, using vegetal metaphors to describe the process.

En savoir plus

Blooming People,
Our natural talent, our inner garden. 

This is the story of an extraordinary challenge: to know ourselves in order to manage our personal finances. Through the metaphor of permaculture, Katell Bosser makes us (re)discover our natural energy and talents, then highlights their influence on the way we earn money.
She asks us about our own obstacles, encourages us to become entrepreneurs of our lives and to generate sustainable (financial) resources to develop our projects and build a life that reflects us.
Pragmatic and poetic, this book can be read in one go and tickles us where it is needed.

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Blooming Companies, Entrepreneurial learnings from Nature 

Here is a singular invitation: to rethink our way of undertaking, creating and growing our companies so that their functions go beyond mere financial profit.
Through the metaphor of permaculture, Katell Bosser invites companies to (re)take their place within natural cycles and to embrace regenerative functions.
Pragmatic and inspiring, this book makes us consider the company as one of the determining elements of the ecological shift. Through concrete cases and original proposals, we distinguish the contours of a future in which our planet would begin its convalescence.

This book will be translated during 1st semester of 2023. 

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