What if we put the economy at the service of the planet and its people ?

Hello !
I'm Katell Bosser

Multi-entrepreneur, I manage K etc - Editorial Agency, Archi-Event and Blooming Companies Sàrl.

As a young mom when I started my first business, I founded and chaired the Swiss association of Mampreneurs for 7 years. 

In 2018, the book "Blooming People, manual of abundance for the gardeners of Life" and its sequel "Blooming Companies, botanical precis for the use of flourishing companies" made me talk about them and made me come out of the shadow.
I regularly give conferences on the application of permaculture principles to entrepreneurship and the economy.

I also intervene as an independent administrator with a focus on sustainable development. This is also my area of expertise when I intervene as a TV chronicler.

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Why Blooming Companies ?

The Blooming Companies family brings together people who are involved, aligned, and invested in themselves, the earth, their families, and their environment.

People who have settled their uneasiness, who have peacefully taken their responsibilities,
Who put themselves in the movement of Life.
We create artistically, professionally, familially, with joy.
To bring the economy back to meaning, to a broader vision of Life.

If our approach contributes to legitimize many women's projects (and we are happy about that)
our vision goes beyond gender and tends to integrate, to move forward all together in a broader perspective.

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State of mind

  • I advocate and practice conscious and assumed imperfection. So I am zero-waste-three-quarter, flexitarian ascending piscivorous and I (rarely) take the plane by compensating my carbon emissions at double.

  • I don't have a car since 2015. I use multimodal transportation (walking, biking, bus, train, car sharing, community cars, etc.) ... and above all I work 50 meters away from my home.

  • I have a green thumb : as a family, we grow about 20 kilos of vegetables on our balcony every year.


  • My first name Katell, means Catherine in Breton. I was born and raised in Lorient, Morbihan. I have been living in Switzerland since 1998.

  • Since my accident in 2018, I sometimes don't recognize people's faces, even those close to me (but I do recognize their voice, their perfume or other details). This can cause some very embarrassing situations.

  • We have some funny family pets: worms (in a worm-compost) and little chickens.

Blooming Companies in the media

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What you won't see on this website

Psychological prices

If you intend to become an entrepreneur, you know how to count and we are not going to suggest otherwise.

End of the world stories

Of course, as we become aware of climate change, there is an anxiety phase. We are past it and fear is not our driving force.

Fees for split payments

As we are neither a lending nor a banking institution, we do not charge fees for split payments.

Our services

Group programs

  • Online and in real time when conditions permit.
  • Use collective intelligence to move your project forward in leaps and bounds.
  • A rhythm and a dynamic that gives momentum.
  • A circle of inspiring peers that breaks the feeling of solitude.
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Online training

  • A catalog that is regularly updated as the months go by.
  • Innovative and refreshing approaches.
  • Training courses by level so you don't get lost.
  • You progress at your own pace, according to your current situation.
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Individual counseling

  • For projects already underway.
  • Tailored to your reality and your needs.
  • Proposal adjusted to the project, to its state of development and to its ambition.
  • By Katell (there may be a waiting list).
  • On consultation only. 
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