Permaculture for thriving businesses

The meeting between entrepreneurship and permaculture to move forward Together towards a virtuous economy.

When entrepreneurship meets permaculture

Known as a gardening method, permaculture is much more powerful. It is a regenerative methodology that can be applied to many fields.
Our specialty : regenerative entrepreneurship.

Group programs

On a regular basis, we organize group programs to benefit from the emulation and the collective intelligence in all benevolence. 




Online training

Do you like to progress independently, at your own pace?
Study selected topics on an occasional or regular basis.
Our catalog is made for you. 


Accompaniment of businesses

You have a well-established business, employees, a steady stream of customers and you would like to integrate a sustainable vision into your operations. Contact us and let's talk.

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Hello !

My name is Katell Bosser

Multi-entrepreneur since 2008, I accompany project leaders from their first steps to the fireworks of great success.

My specificity is to be inspired by the principles of permaculture to ensure that the business is always fair and ethical.

In my opinion, the economy must contribute to the regeneration of the planet and its inhabitants.

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What you need to know if you want to work with us.

  • We are chronic positivists, optimists by default.
    While ecological issues are real, we prefer to work regularly on a positive and constructive projection of our collective future. 

  • We are capitalists and we believe in growth.
    Of course, infinite growth in a world that has its limits is an aberration. But a virtuous company has the responsibility to take market share from its competitors who are destroying everything. And that means economic growth.

  • We see money as a tool.
    A shovel with which we dig holes to plant trees. Don't ask us to dig a hole with our bare hands, or to hit your enemies with a shovel. And if you want to collect shovels... good for you.

  • We like simple and efficient systems.
    Often the best solution is the simplest. That doesn't mean it's easy. We always prefer agile solutions.


What is this inexhaustible resource that you don't even see the value of because it is so familiar to you?


I discover my natural talent

And here are the instructions on how your natural talent can lead you to abundance.

The books
"Blooming People, An Abundance Handbook for Life's Gardeners"
"Blooming Companies, A Botanical Precis for Thriving Companies"
will explain you in a very entertaining way how to put your talent to good use.

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Stories from our customers

Laetitia Wagnières

To carry out a project in parallel with a wage job, you have to accept to go step by step. Each step strengthens confidence and allows you to overcome the fears that are bound to arise.

Read the story

Céline Marotte

With the birth of her fourth child, Celine allowed herself to combine two passions: permaculture and built heritage. The Let it Be program allowed her to create her business at her own pace.

Incredible !

Aurélie Sistac

After a fast launching of activity, Aurélie Sistac approached Blooming Companies to learn how to stabilize its activity and to ensure its sustainability, in the respect of its values.

Discover her story

"Imagine an economy at the service of the living.
Prosperous, generating links and values.

It starts today.
With you. "